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The Huge Armory of Richard Zschille


Vol I and II


pages: 334

ISBN: 978-3-750208-55-1

format: paperback

language: English

publication date: 28.09.2019


by Robert Forrer (author)

231 plates of over 1200 weapons


keywords: armory, sword, knight, Landsknecht, armor, helmet, middle ages


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European Sword Pommels: With 60 plates and 680 figures


In this book, the most comprehensive collection of sword pommels of the Middle Ages and Renaissance is published. Von Schwerzenbach collected during his lifetime hundreds of different types of sword pommels from different centuries and countries and could thus make a significant contribution to the history of the European sword for historians and collectors.

In this book 680 swords and sword pommels are described and depicted. The Blacksmith marks, which are so important to collectors for the determination of authenticity, are illustrated.

This work is a comprehensive reference work for the dating and determination of swords and rapiers. This book provide a deep insight into the history of the development of the sword in Europe as well as in the thinking and in the craftsmanship of the armorers of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The Text is written by Dr. Robert Forrer, at his time a popular art historian, archaeologist and museum director. This is the revised edition of 1905. The photos have been digitally revised. Read more.

Armor in England and Foreign Armor in England

From the earliest times to the reign of James the First


The book covers the interesting history of armor from Britain and Europe and shows important pictures of different armories.


Paperback: 197 pages
Publisher: Independently published (December 3, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 179071625X
ISBN-13: 978-1790716258
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.5 x 8.5 inches


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This book is a revised new edition of the old classic from 1891. It's about of spurs from the Antiquity to modern times. It is thereby the most widely read book of European spurs, which, despite its age, is still up-to-date, comprehensive and worth knowing. This reference book of spurs is an enrichment for every collector, historian and weapons enthusiasts with its detailed and chronologically illustrations.
At the same time it is not an unpleasant reprint. All 188 illustrations were revised by hand and redrawn if necessary. In this new edition, the description were placed under the respective illustrations. Read more

The royal Austrian collection of arms was merged in 1889 with the world-famous collection of archduke Ferdinand of Tyrol from Ambras Castle near Innsbruck. In this book, consisting of two volumes, the most important items of the collection of arms are presented. The text was written by Wendolin Boeheim, curator of the armory. Despite the long period of time from the first edition to the present revision, the description of the historical collection remains important for research and historical science and is still a standard work of European armoury.

The main focus of the collection is on the most important field, ceremonial and tournament armours of European generals, kings and emperors, including their swords. The impressive collection is supplemented by artistically high-quality burgonets, basinets, sallets, sabers, swords, Cinquedeas, handguns, wheel lock rifles, round shields, heavy horse armours and much more. The book comprised 170 illustrations. Read more

This collection of 120 sketches and drawings gives an unknown insight into the European cities of the 19th century, whose street scenes today look completely different. About 150 years ago, medieval streets shaped the character of a city. This collection takes the viewer back to a time in which one could also live without car traffic, restaurants, power lines and mobile phone masts, but in which industrialisation gradually took up a visible place.


City views from the following countries are presented: Ireland, Poland, Spain, France, Germany, England, Scotland, Italy, Malta, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden, Austria, Vatican City, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, Czech Republic. Read more

European Arrowheads and Crossbow Bolts

From the Bronze Age to the Late Middle Ages

European arrowheads and crossbow bolts are relatively under-represented in the literature and are usually treated only as minor aspects. There is a lack of an overview of the various forms of European arrowhead typologies. This book intends to close this gap and give the reader an insight into the world of arrowheads and crossbow bolts. This book contains a collec-tion of hundreds of arrowheads, published for the first time.

The book is divided into three main chapters because there is a metallurgical distinction between bronze and iron as well as a mechanical distinction between the bow and the crossbow. In all three chapters, unique formal-typological distinction criteria have been developed, even though the epochs overlap in time.


I have attempted to include as much as possible about the most important, frequent and sometimes unusual and rare form-types in this book. For the determination of arrowheads and crossbow bolts, this guide is useful as a directional guide. Read more

270 pages, 473 illustrations and 445 hand-drawn sketches.


Arrowheads from the Middle Ages


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