The spur in its development

A sketchbook for the characterization and dating of spurs

The spur in its development
A sketchbook for the characterization and dating of spurs


Author: Richard Zschille

With 188 illustrations

Print ISBN: 978-1727872811

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136 pages

14. October 2018

This book is a revised new edition of the old classic from 1891. It's about of spurs from the Antiquity to modern times. It is thereby the most widely read book of European spurs, which, despite its age, is still up-to-date, comprehensive and worth knowing. This reference book of spurs is an enrichment for every collector, historian and weapons enthusiasts with its detailed and chronologically illustrations.
At the same time it is not an unpleasant reprint. All 188 illustrations were revised by hand and redrawn if necessary. In this new edition, the description were placed under the respective illustrations.



Early Roman spurs, 2nd - 1st century B.C. 
Latène spur; 3rd - 1st centuries B.C      
Further development of the wooden spur       
Roman, 1st - 3rd century A.D.           
Roman, 2nd - 3rd century A.D.          
Roman-Nordic, 2nd - 3rd century A.D.       
Transition form, ca. 4th century       
Franconian, 4th - 5th century           
Alemannic or Franconian, 4th - 5th century   
Lombard 6th - 7th century           
Franconian, 4th - 5th century           
Nordic, ca. 6th - 7th century           
Early Carolingian, 7th century           
Carolingian, 8th - 9th century           
Carolingian, 9th - 10th century           
Late Carolingian, 10th century           
First Crusades, 11th century           
Late Crusades, 12th century           
Late Crusades, 12th - 13th century       
Gothic, 14th-15th century           
Early Gothic, 1st half of the 14th century   
Late Gothic, 15th century           
Gothic, 15th century               
Late Gothic, 2nd half 15th century       
Renaissance spurs, 16th - 17th century       
Rivet spur, 17th century           
Renaissance spur, late 17th century       
Multi-wheeled spur, 2nd half of the 17th century   
Carriage rider‘s spur, 18th century       
Spur, 18th century               
Spur with stirrup               
Rivet spurs, 2nd half 17th century       
Sporn, late 17th century           
Spur, 18th century, iron, Mexico       
Spur, 18th century, iron and silver, Spain   
Sporn, 17th-18th century, Germany       
Folding spur, 17th century           
Ladies‘ spur, probably 18th century       
Spur, 18th century, Mexico           
Spur, 17th or 18th century, Germany, for carnival   

Latène spur, 3rd - 1st centuries B.C., iron. Find spot La Tène. Place of storage: Swiss National Museum.
Latène spur, 2nd - 3rd century A.D., iron. Find spot: Kyffhäuser, Germany.
Roman, 1st - 3rd century A.D., bronze with iron tip. Find spot: Kreuznach, Germany. A front view, b. from above, c side view.

Lombard 6th - 7th century, bronze. Find spot: Castiglione del Lago, Italia. Private collection of Richard Zschille. B view of mounting at the foot.
Carolingian, 9th - 10th century, bronze with silver rivets. Find spot: Kreuznach, Germany. Private collection Richard Zschille. A front view, b side view.
Multi-wheeled spur, 2nd half of the 17th century, iron, Germany. B and c show the ends of the brackets for the straps.

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A sketchbook for the characterization and dating of spurs
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