European City Views of the 19th century

This collection of 120 sketches and drawings gives an unknown insight into the European cities of the 19th century, whose street scenes today look completely different. About 150 years ago, medieval streets shaped the character of a city. This collection takes the viewer back to a time in which one could also live without car traffic, restaurants, power lines and mobile phone masts, but in which industrialisation gradually took up a visible place. City views from the following countries are presented: Ireland, Poland, Spain, France, Germany, England, Scotland, Italy, Malta, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden, Austria, Vatican City, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, Czech Republic.


  • Paperback: 136 pages
  • May 31, 2018
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1720609640
  • ISBN-13: 978-1720609643
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Coventry Cross Broadgate 1870
Coventry Cross Broadgate 1870
Tanner Street in Metz 1876
Tanner Street in Metz 1876
London Holborn Viaduct 1872
London Holborn Viaduct 1872


Vue de Paris Ancien 1838
Alexanderplatz Station in Berlin 1885
Old Town Market at Braunschweig 1857
Folk festival in Amsterdam 1863
Amsterdam Westerkerk Keizersgracht Church 1858
Ancienne rue Saint-Nicolas du Chardonnet 1879
Coventry Cross Broadgate 1870
Andreasbrunnen in front of Eppendorf Hamburg 1844
Arg de Septime-Sèvère, Rome 1872
Arnhem 1885
Athens Road of the Tombs 1893
Beach of Andernach, Germany 1888
Berlin Unter den Linden 1855
Bologna, Italien 1867
Boulevards of Krakau 1863
Bradford market route  1885
Broomielaw Bridge Glasgow 1888
Bridge Castle Cathedral of Burgos Spain 1870
Budapest, on the banks of the Danube 1885
Coventry, Butcher Row 1850
Canongate Tolbooth Edinburgh 1880
Castillo de San-Angelo Rome 1867
Constance on the water 1870
Department Loire France Castle Saumur 1844
Cathedral Square in Mantua, Italy 1837
Dresden Marienbrücke 1891
Dumfries, Market Place, Scotland 1888
Capitol in Rome 1867
England Newcastle Viaduct at the end of Dean Street 1854
Eglisau Switzerland 1845
Frankfurt am Main, Jewish Street 1882
Frankfurt am Main Römer 1885
Cemetery of the innocent in the Halles district of Paris 1839
Friedrichshafen view to the water 1858
Tanner Street in Metz 1876
Gothenburg, Sweden 1886
Gothenburg, Sweden 1885
Greek church on the lower Danube line in Pest, Hungary 1859
Gunboats on the Seine in Paris 1894
Main street in Innsbruck 1885
Heidelberg 1885
Hôtel de Ville Paris 1846
City of Husum 1885
Hamburg Inner Harbour 1885
Italy, Padova, Ponte di Ferro 1828
Italy Sicily Cathedral of Syracuse 1841
Jena District Cellar for Students 1864
Maison Pfister, Colmar, France 1889
L'Arco di Riccardo, Trieste, Italy 1863
Leaning towers of Bologna 1896
Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence 1867
London Deanery 1897
London Holborn Viaduct 1872
London Old post office in Lombard around 1800
Lübeck, the purchase mountain 1822
Malta, San Giovanni, Valletta 1841
Manchester Mosley Street - St. Peter's Church 1845
Marketplace in Neisse 1852
Mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand II in Graz 1837
Lausanne Switzerland 1849
Meppel van den Hoogeveenschen Straatweg 1858
Montargis, France 1886
Via Toledo, Naples 1891
National Gallery London 1864
Netherlands, Gemeenlandshuis 1896
Netherlands, Hague Vyver-Lake 1887
Coventry, Old Broadgate 1870
Netherlands, Oosterpoort am Hoorn 1875
Oxford Market 1870
Padua, Italy 1856
Doge's Palace in Venice 1867
Rome, Piazza Venezia 1878
Pisa, Piazza dei Cavalieri 1823
Place de Saint-Pierre, Vatican City 1879
Moscow 1872
Pont Neuf, arched bridge in Paris 1887
Pula Pola, Porta Aurea, Italy 1868
Trieste, Porta Cavana and piazza del Sale Nel 1863
Prague 1848
Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin 1896
Liverpool 1836
City Hall and Tine Church Prague 1885
Knight's Street in Rhodus 1885
Rome, Temple of Portunus 1819
Rome, Temple of Vesta 1819
City Hall Rotes Rathaus Berlin 1898
Royal Exchange Glasgow 1872
Munich Residence 1884
Saint-Malo, France 1888
Saint-Tropez 1892
Second Royal Exchange Cornhill 1897
St Mungo's Cathedral, Glasgow, Scotland 1800
St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, Scotland 1829
City of Catania Sicily 1892
City of Klattau, Czech Republic 1894
City of Krappitz, Poland 1885
Gate of Krakow 1863
Street in Göttingen 1885
Street in Interlaken 1880
Street scene in York 1885
Street in Galway, Ireland 1891
Budapest West Railway Station 1890
Septimius-Severus Arch, Rome 1844
The Mint, Southwark 1825
Theatre of Orange in Southeast France 1850
City Hall on the Square in Prague 1894
Trongate Glasgow 1885
Bridge of Sighs, Venice 1867
Antwerp 1864
University of Kraukau 1863
Venice 1889
Volta Square in Como, Italy 1837
Former small main gate to Haarlem 1874
View of the fountain and the square in Villers-Cotterêts, France 1867
Warsaw 1896
Westminster, New Bridge 1872
Vienna, the new City Hall 1872
Zaragoza, Calle del Coso 1867
Church of Santa Catalonia, Valencia 1883
Lübeck Market Square with Senate House and Cathedral 1885