European Sword Pommels

European Sword Pommels


With 60 plates and 680 figures



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Language: English

ISBN-10: 1071286374

ISBN-13: 978-1071286371


Author: Dr. Robert Forrer


With armorer's marks

In this book, the most comprehensive collection of sword pommels of the Middle Ages and Renaissance is published. Von Schwerzenbach collected during his lifetime hundreds of different types of sword pommels from different centuries and countries and could thus make a significant contribution to the history of the European sword for historians and collectors.

In this book 680 swords and sword pommels are described and depicted. The Blacksmith marks, which are so important to collectors for the determination of authenticity, are illustrated.

This work is a comprehensive reference work for the dating and determination of swords and rapiers. This book provide a deep insight into the history of the development of the sword in Europe as well as in the thinking and in the craftsmanship of the armorers of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The Text is written by Dr. Robert Forrer, at his time a popular art historian, archaeologist and museum director. This is the revised edition of 1905. The photos have been digitally revised.

diverse european sword pommels
hallmarks and sword smiths marks of european swords

diverse european sword pommels early middles ages
diverse european sword pommels middle ages

diverse european sword pommels
diverse european sword pommels

open-worked european sword pommels
european sword pommels animal heads

Renaissance sword detail view
hallmarks and punchs