European Arrowheads and Crossbow Bolts

European Arrowheads and Crossbow Bolts - From the Bronze Age to the Late Middle Ages

1st edition of November 2017
Paperback with 258 pages; English language.
With 473 illustrations and 445 hand-drawn sketches.
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European Arrowheads and Crossbow Bolts

From the Bronze Age to the Late Middle Ages


European arrowheads and crossbow bolts are relatively under-represented in the literature and are usually treated only as minor aspects. There is a lack of an overview of the various forms of European arrowhead typologies. This book intends to close this gap and give the reader an insight into the world of arrowheads and crossbow bolts. This book contains a collec-tion of hundreds of arrowheads, published for the first time.

The book is divided into three main chapters because there is a metallurgical distinction between bronze and iron as well as a mechanical distinction between the bow and the crossbow. In all three chapters, unique formal-typological distinction criteria have been developed, even though the epochs overlap in time.

I have attempted to include as much as possible about the most important, frequent and sometimes unusual and rare form-types in this book. For the determination of arrowheads and crossbow bolts, this guide is useful as a directional guide.


Scythian arrowheads in Europe of triangular pyramid form
Roman arrowheads and balista bolts 1st - 4th century A.D.

Arrowheads from the Middle Ages with tang fixation  - three-sided arrowheads 8th - 14th century
Socketed crossbow bolts in rhombic form 10th - 13th century from Middle Ages

Table of content


The chapters are additionally divided into socketed and tanged fixations.


Chapter I - Bronze arrowheads
Arrowheads from the Early and Middle Bronze Age
Nomenclature of an arrowhead
Middle Bronze Age to the beginning of the Urn Period
Greek cultural area I
Middle and Late Bronze Age Central Europe
Leafblade arrowheads
Arrowheads from the Late Bronze Age
Willow-leaved arrowheads
Arrowheads with shaft tangs France
Greek cultural area II
Arrowheads with thread fastening
Socketed arrowhead of the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age
Bodkin arrowheads
Hallstatt Period
Shaft-arrowhead of the Late Bronze Age
Arrowhead money
Scythian cultural area
Iberian Peninsula
Greek cultural area III
Bronze arrowheads in the Middle Ages

Chapter II - Iron arrowheads
Nomenclature of an arrow
Roman three-sided arrowheads
Roman spicular arrowhead
Roman bolts
Celtic arrowheads
Sarmatian arrowheads
Germanic arrowheads
Franconian arrowheads
Arrowheads of the Migration Period
Arrowheads of the Eurasian Avars
Slavic arrowheads with barbed hooks
Arrowheads of the Middle Ages
Arrowheads of the Vikings
Arrowheads with barbed hooks
Arrowhead with twisted socket
Arrowhead with four barbed hooks
Arrowheads with only one barbed hook
Arrowheads with long barbed hooks and short sockets
Arrowheads with bent barbed hooks
Arrowheads with simple socket shafts
Rope Cutter arrowheads
Blunt arrowheads
Cone arrowhead
Arrowheads with square cross-section
Tetragonal Bodkin arrowheads
Leafblade arrowheads
Leafblade arrowheads of triangular shape
Triangular arrowheads
Arrowheads with short blades and long sockets
Fire arrowhead with open-work blade
Arrowhead with barbed hooks
Arrowheads with several barbed hooks
Leafblade arrowheads with oval lancet-shaped form
Arrowheads with rhombic cross-sections
Arrowheads with small rhombic cutting edges
Arrowheads in rhombic form
Leafblade arrowheads in diamond shapes
Spontoon arrowheads
Arrowheads with triangular shapes
Chisel-like arrowheads
Arrowheads with splayed, flat, rhomboid blades
Hunting arrowheads
Rope Cutter arrowheads
Bumber arrowhead
Three-sided arrowheads
Blunt Bodkin arrowheads
Spicular Bodkin arrowheads
Pyramidal arrowheads
Fire arrowhead
Mongolian arrowheads
Turkish arrowheads
Arrowheads without fixations

Chapter III - Crossbow bolts
Nomenclature of a crossbow bolt
Crossbow bolts with square cross-sections
Crossbow bolts in lancet-shaped form with square cross-sections
Socketed crossbow bolt of a special spicular form
Socketed crossbow bolts with long square cross-sections
Socketed crossbow bolts in rectangular spicular form
Socketed crossbow bolt in rectangular form
Socketed crossbow bolts in rhombic lancet-shaped form
Wall-piercing crossbow bolts in rhombic form
Socketed crossbow bolt with three-sided tip
Socketed crossbow bolt in tetragonal conical form
Socketed crossbow bolts in lancet-shaped form
Socket crossbow bolts with barbed hooks
Socketed Rope Cutter crossbow bolts
Socketed crossbow bolts with splayed, flat, rhomboid blades
Small hunting crossbow bolt
Socketed blunt bolt
Socketed military blunt bolt
Crown bolts
Socketed fire crossbow bolts, arrowheads and projectiles for firearms
Tanged spicular crossbow bolts with square cross-sections
Crossbow bolt with round cross-sections and twisted tang
Tanged crossbow bolts with rhombic cross-section
Tanged crossbow bolts in lancet form
Tanged crossbow bolts with barbed hooks
Tanged crossbow bolts with splayed, flat rhomboid blades
Tanged Rope Cutter crossbow bolt
Square crossbow bolts with long shaft tangs
Military crossbow bolt with a simple fixation
Pyramidal crossbow bolts with wide tangs
Eastern European and Russian pyramidal crossbow bolts
Heavy square bolts with wide tangs
Eastern European four-edged crossbow bolts with broad tangs
Fire bolts of the crossbow
Signal arrowheads
Balls of clay and stone of the double-stringed stone bow
Rifled guns and ballista arrows
Copyright of illustrations